How to make the perfect jam sandwich!

On Friday we were continuing to learn all about how to write a super set of instructions. We were initially focusing on making sure we included enough detail and making sure we used time connectives to organise our writing into chronological order. We wrote a set of instructions as a class while a volunteer tested them out. We found out that without enough detail things might not work out as they should, for example, if an instruction says to put the butter on the bread, you might just end up with a tub of butter on top of a loaf of bread! The class then wrote their own sets of instructions and then, obviously, we had to test that they were accurate….


Our targets were:
– to write in chronological order;
– to include a range of imperative (bossy) verbs;
– to include an embedded clause.

2 thoughts on “How to make the perfect jam sandwich!

  1. Hi Class 4!
    This looks like great fun! I bet you enjoyed the tasting part.
    We love the look of your blog. We have one too:
    I hope you get a chance to look!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Hall and Herons.


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