A note to parents – Friday carrot award!

Hello parents – just a quick reminder that we have our carrot award afternoon this Friday.

The children voted and have decided that they would like a slumber cinema party. They will be allowed to bring in pyjamas or a onesie to change into, a small pillow and/or blanket and a small snack for themself, eg a pack of sweets/popcorn/crisps.

The children worked very hard to earn their carrots so we’re really looking forward to rewarding them with a fun afternoon, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a great way to end the first half term.


6 thoughts on “A note to parents – Friday carrot award!

  1. Yahoo! Can’t wait for the carrot prize tomorrow by the way are we aloud to bring ice-cream or you are (that is one of my questions that I really want to know).

    P.S. I can not wait!!!!!!!


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