Talk For Writing – our new text.

51IBsfcktjL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Here’s the new TFW text for our diary/journal writing unit. It’s taken from the Charlie Small book called ‘Gorilla City’.

The first amazing, astonishing, incredible and true adventures of me! (Charlie Small)

Into the Jungle
I set off through the tangle of trees, underneath bushes and so was soon covered in scratches and bruises. My trainers were full of mud and water, however I didn’t care. Indeed what are a few scratches to a bold adventurer? Bravely, I pushed onwards, keeping my eyes peeled. The jungle air was filled with the sounds of strange beasts.

Calls drifted down from the vast, towering treetops. I could hear growls, grunts and the snuffles of mysterious creatures scrambling by. Nevertheless, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Well, not at first…
Then suddenly amongst the dark, jagged leaves, a pair of raging red eyes stared right at me. I stood rooted to the spot. It charged.

The Roof of the Jungle
The next morning, I woke early in the canopy, watching the strange and beautiful sights around me. A moth hovered by a large purple flower. It was drinking the nectar through a tongue that was as long as a shoelace. I began to wonder why I’d been so nervous of the jungle the night before.

Then a huge, hairy hand reached down out of the mass of leaves above me – I was hoisted up through the air! It was then that I found myself staring into those dark and angry red eyes once more. They belonged to a colossal silverback gorilla.

With a grunt, he gripped me between his feet; using his powerful arms, he swung off with me through the trees.

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