Live debates in the 4LH chamber!

Today we had some small group debates in Literacy. The first was all about whether mobile phones should be allowed in school. We had a proposition (a team who were for the motion), an opposition (a team against the motion), a chairperson and a panel. We even live tweeted our updates! If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter to find out more! @robinhood4LH


7 thoughts on “Live debates in the 4LH chamber!

  1. I think it’s excellent that the school is encouraging young children to learn how to express themselves, in a debate forum, this will also help them to become more confident, and be able to express their thoughts openly.

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  2. I enjoyed doing the debate but I never was really fun and felt like it was a real debate.i think that we shouldn’t climb Mount Snowdon because it is slippy and if you fall from the top or from anywhere you will serious inguries or you even might DIE!!!!


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