It’s Summer Term!

Hello Year 4!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely two weeks off and are ready to come back to school refreshed and ready for a fabulous last term! I know I am. Here is an overview of what we’ll be up to over the next few weeks…

Literacy – Talk for Writing:
Our next 3 week unit is based on stories with flashbacks. Our focus text is Jumanji, and our writing focuses will include:
– ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’ clauses (Frightened, Tom ran home; Grinning menacingly, he slipped the treasure into his rucksack.)
– Dialogue – verb + adverb (eg: “Hello,” she whispered Miss Hunter shyly.)
– Emotive language (See video below for a recap of this!)

Week 1 objectives:
To read, write and compare 4-digit numbers, placing them on a line and finding 1000 more or less than any given number.
Begin to read, write and compare 5-digit numbers, recognising what each digit represents and find 1000 more or less than any given number.
To read, use and compare negative numbers in the context of temperature.
To read, use and compare negative numbers; use knowledge of factors and reasoning to solve problems.

Science: Forces and magnets
Find an introduction along with some games and activities here:

Topic: Refugees
Please see links below for various links to information on refugees. We will also be looking at the work carried out by the UN Refugee Acency (UNHCR –

RE: Pilgrimages and rules
To begin to understand that some journeys have spiritual significance and understand the meaning of ‘pilgrimage’.
To understand that every aspect of society is governed by rules.

ICT: Programming/coding using Scratch
The program is available for free download at home and there are lots of videos and tutorials on the website. Why not have a go? You can even make your own games! Download at .

As you can see, we have a busy but exciting term ahead! Keep an eye out for more links on here as we move through the term.

Miss Hunter.

6 thoughts on “It’s Summer Term!

  1. Hi Miss, I really like and looking forward to what we are learning this Summer Term.Also don’t understand what a flashback story is.


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