Let’s propose a new law and win a trip to the Houses of Parliament!

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We know that we are practically best friends with some members of Parliament now, after we received replies to our letters, so now we’re trying to win ourselves a visit!

Here are the details of the competition. We are going to work on a whole class entry and will create our video after half term, so your challenge is to think over half term, chat to your parents and look at the links below for some inspiration. Let’s come up with something great!

If you could make a law, what would it be?
Have you ever wanted to change something about how the country is run? For example, should cyclists have their own roads? Should people be made to recycle? What laws affecting schools would you like to suggest? Laws affect many aspects of our lives – here’s your chance to suggest a new one!

We want to hear from YOU! Tell us what new law you think should be made and why.

You must let us know:
• the law you would propose
• why you have chosen that law
• what difference the new law would make

Explain why you think your law would make the country better. Think about how many people it would affect and what impact the law could have.

You must have covered all the points above. We will pick the video or written submission that best persuades us that your new law will benefit the greatest number of people in the country.

The winning person or group will be invited to the Houses of Parliament to discuss their law with a group of lawmakers! The winning entry will also feature in our Democracy & elections resource collection.

The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges and announced in News Bites. If you’re a winner, we will notify your school by email before the announcements.

There will be one winner from each Key Stage (KS1 and KS2) and an overall winner will then be selected.

Closing date for the competition is 10th June 2015.

At home, you can log in to Espresso using the parent codes and read more about laws and Parliament and about how laws are made at the link here:


3 thoughts on “Let’s propose a new law and win a trip to the Houses of Parliament!

  1. When I went home after that day I went talking about it to my parents and my brothers and my sister saying that I MIGHT GO TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT AND DISCUSS THE NEW LAW WITH THE MP!!!


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