Raspberry Pi! (The robot kind, not the dessert…)

This evening, the Year 3 and 4 teachers met with some of our ICT whizzes to have a look at how we could use our Rasberry Pi robots in school. We managed to program them to move around and complete some different actions using ‘Scratch’.

We’re very excited about some up and coming projects in which we’ll be using these. Year 4, it looks like you might be first…. Watch this space!


6 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi! (The robot kind, not the dessert…)

  1. Hi.You might be wondering why Im on your blog.Well I just went on your blog and saw this, so Im going to comment.I loved the raspberry pi and we are doing the maze next week! Good luck to everybody in the raspberry pi project and good luck to the next raspberry pis.YEAR 4 IS GREAT!


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