Our new Talk For Writing Text…

We are currently in our imitation week and are story mapping and learning our new text. We are learning all about writing instructions! 4LH – Why not use the text below to practice – how many actions can you remember?

How to Look After a Sphinx

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so, just visit our local Egyptian Emporium and select your very own baby sphinx (half lion, with a human head). I guarantee you will never regret this decision.

However, a sphinx is not an easy creature to care for and you will need to follow these instructions carefully. If not, you may find that your baby sphinx becomes an aggressive, fierce nuisance rather than a loveable pet!

What you will need:

A golden collar, plenty of nutritious food, a cosy bed, a shaduf, a warm blanket, and not forgetting a special sphinx horn

What you do:  

Firstly, your pet sphinx will like to roam freely so you will need to summon it with a special sphinx horn, which must be blown when it is needed. Sphinxes have exceptionally good hearing. Indeed, if your pet has flown into a distant valley, it will hear your call and fly directly to you.

If your sphinx becomes unruly, ensure that it stays near you and its collar is worn until it is obedient (to avoid catastrophes). Remember, even young sphinxes can be very strong, so its collar should be made from the finest Egyptian gold.

Mealtimes can be scary, so extra caution is required. Sphinxes are carnivores; consequently, they require a diet of raw meat. Therefore, mice, rats and the bodies of lesser mortals e.g. slaves are ideal food. Sphinxes drink water by the bucketful, and so the need for a personal shaduf is vital. Please note, that a hungry sphinx may mistake you for its next meal, and you are wise to keep your distance when it’s feeding!

Finally, sphinxes love to feel warm and cosy so make sure that its bed and blanket are always available. A baby sphinx can tire easily. At first you can keep a very young sphinx in the house, but as it grows, you will have to find a secluded outdoor spot, as a sleeping sphinx will snore loudly!

A final note of warning:

Sphinxes are not just for birthdays, they are for a lifetime. They are mythical beasts which can communicate with you telepathically, if you treat them well.  A sphinx will protect you from danger and even the mighty god Anubis! Indeed, treat it well and your path to the afterlife will be secured…

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